Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Well, ya know... No.

Dear Men of Baltimore,

I've told you this before: I don't just speak for myself in this blog. My girlfriends are less than impressed with you too. As my one friend put it today, "I think they're just getting lazier."

One of Baltimore's classiest approached her in a 7-11 this morning and bypassed all standard greetings, instead opting to open with, "Yo, ya gotta man or sumthin?"
She replied yes and held up her hand, displaying a diamond-clad ring finger, then walked on to continue her shopping (and escape his rank BO).
He then followed her around the store and began the all-too-common protest we hear (the implication that monogamy doesn't matter). He started with, "Well, ya know..." and she quickly shut him down with a simple and firm, "No."

Tell me, MOB, are there many Women of Baltimore who buy into that? I personally don't know any females who that crap has worked on, but if I'm wrong, please tell me! Otherwise, can you explain what it is about you that is SO incredible you think you can turn classy women into cheaters? Because we just aren't seeing it...