Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What it should look like, example 1: Surprise treat for me!

Dear Men of Baltimore,

I am currently eating a chocolate Frosty with M&M's from Wendy's. It was handed to me 5 minutes ago. 

The man who got it for me stopped at Wendy's to pick up his own lunch on the way back to the office. When he saw this item on the menu, he thought to himself, "Hmm, I know someone loves chocolate milkshakes and M&M's, I bet she would like this." So he got it for me. That simple.

*Disclosure notice: This man is happily married and in his 60's...not in the dating pool. But he totally has the right idea of doing nice little things for people.


  1. Mayhaps there is ulterior motive?

  2. Admittedly, one can never be too sure about that, when dealing with Men of Baltimore (or Men of the World).

    However, when it's simply "Here you go, enjoy," I am inclined to give the man the benefit of the doubt, and trust that his motive was simply to make me smile.