Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Multiple flags: Car pick up artist & a cheater

Dear Men of Baltimore,

When I walk my dog after work, I'm actually just trying to unwind and be a good pet mommy. I'm not dressed to impress. I'm not interested in socializing  -- that's why people go to parks, yet I'm walking on neighborhood streets.

What I am is very alert. I notice vehicles that turn around on the same street 3 times, then pull over. I know you don't live at that house, because I walk this street all the time and I am alert. By the time you pull up next to me, I have already memorized your license plate and I've considered taking my 75-pound pit bull's muzzle off.

So when you ask if we can exchange phone numbers and I say, "Not interested, have a boyfriend, thanks" and keep on walking, you should really quit there. You've already committed one major d-bag offense. Was it really necessary to reply with, "But I'm cool with that, I don't mind if you got a man..."?! Men like you, sir, are why I carry mace when I walk my dog. And no, the fact that you're driving a Lexus doesn't change my opinion.

Gentlemen, I know we've already talked about honking and hollering from your car. I guess I should have been more clear; even if you don't honk or holler, pretty much any approach from your car (Lexus or not) is unacceptable.  Let's make that a rule, shall we? From now on, NO pick up attempts from inside your vehicle.

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  1. Shoulda drove a BMW haha... just playin. Hope you're good Shanley. I'm following you from my blogspot now :-D